asian souvenirs tangible symbols of memorable experiences!

A souvenir is a life-long treasure and it helps to bring back the memories of people, places and events that belong to a travel experience. Purchasing souvenirs for family members, relatives and friends is an exciting experience for the tourists. There are many ‘push-factors’ and ‘pull factors’ that attract tourists to buy souvenirs of a particular place. It is often found that female tourists buy more souvenirs than their male counterparts!
The joyous shopping experience of buying souvenirs is different in different Asian countries. Many of the Indian crafts and arts that are reasonable and unforgettably native are purchased by our world neighbors. The heady mix of silk, cotton and wool fabrics designed with embroidery, bead-work and delicate motifs has become a passion among tourists. Hand-made jewellery, native handcraft items, leather footwear, paintings, traditional sweets are some of the Indian souvenirs.
Kuala Lumpur is a treasure house of traditional goods made in other Malaysian states. There is a large variety of cultural souvenirs that are both ornamental and of practical use. Jewellery, key-chains, figurines, wood carvings and pottery, etc are some of the popular souvenirs crafted with precision. Traditional Malay garments such as ‘Kain Songket’, ‘Batik’ are a craze among tourists.
The tax-free option in Singapore gives maximum convenience for the tourists to amass souvenirs in plenty. A wide range of spices, handicrafts, food, jewellery, electronic goods, and perfumes are some of the popular souvenirs of Singapore.
There are superb awesome souvenirs that can be bought to relate and remember Japan. For example, yukata, old haori and kimono, geta and zori shoes, daruma-san, the limbless doll, good chopsticks, beautiful things made of Kyoto paper, etc. The Japanese sword and scabbard, baseball uniforms and caps, etc. are also popular souvenir items.